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It’s not consulting
It’s not mentoring
It’s better

Business Tracking offers you a different approach. It makes you perform by identifying areas for improvement and guiding you towards the main goal.

The tracker doesn’t provide ready answers. He listens, analyzes and asks you questions based on tracking methodology so that you can make the best possible decisions for your business,
on your own.

It helps you stay focused and gives you valuable insights by:

  • defining and setting goals,
  • finding the main constraints,
  • using HADI cycles to fix constraints,
  • working in weekly sprints,
  • and empowering the founders to take final decisions
Why us?

Why work with a
Business Tracker?

Business Tracker can lead to more effective and profitable business practices.



  • ​​Difficulties starting the first sales and confirming the concepts
  • Too many choices to concentrate on
  • No clear understanding of target
  • No business concept, no goal, and no plan
  • Issues forming and leading the team
  • Struggling with market positioning
  • Lack of time management


  • Identify the vision and the main goal for the future, and set up the objectives
  • Generate and test fast hypotheses using HADI cycles methodology
  • Use customer discovery to define the potential segments.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the team and work
  • Identify the main constraints that hold back the business
  • Create a financial forecast
  • Structure and prioritize the next step or action



  • Challenges with launching new products
  • Inexperienced in scaling up in new markets
  • Sales are falling off/  decreasing
  • The CEO is overloaded with operational tasks
  • Limited financial understanding
  • Working without a set process and in an uncertain environment
  • Limited market exposure or poor reputation


  • Identify and develop new opportunities strategies, and products
  • Obtain an external view of current situation
  • Define the main constraints, generate and test fast hypothesis
  • Lead the management to create an effective work process for the team 
  • Help entrepreneurs to make data-driven decisions
  • Structure and optimize processes for a better performance



  • The program is being implemented by a small team
  • The startup’s development is not monitored
  • Slow working flow
  • No personal tracking or surveillance for startups
  • The absence of weekly team organization and supervision
  • Limited options for specialists and time to approach them
  • Low level of engagement from participants


  • Access to a big team of specialists with different professional backgrounds and experienced business tracking skills
  • Building a tracking system that uses the idea of limitations, HADI cycles, customer development, and other traction tools
  • Develop a unique work strategy based on the startup needs.
  • Gather information and present a weekly team activity report
  • Support an accelerated working process for startups
How it works

Step to step into our process

Diagnostic and business strategy

Diagnostic session
Define the main constraints in growing your business
Generate hypothesis to overcome the constraints
HADI cycles
Business strategy

Unit Economics and Sales

Asses sales funnel and create pipeline stages for B2B and B2C
Modelling sales scenario
Parsing customer deals
Unit economic

Customer Development

Interviews script configurations
Structure and evaluation of customer interviews results
Define the value proposal and customer validation
Customer segments and study cases creation

Business Process

Organising the HADI cycle working process for the company
Defining short term and long term goals
Launching the MVP and testing the business model
Prioritisation of tasks and goals, team focus
Scrum framework

Our trackers

Meet our Trackers

Through our platform, you have access to a wide range of specialists from many fields, starting with management, marketing, sales, business growth, or finance. Our trackers’ greatest strength is that they are highly skilled experts with solid professional backgrounds who validated their knowledge and theories in real-world situations and draw case-based conclusions. Thanks to their worldwide experience and network, you will acquire actual insights about practices required nowadays in the international business market.
Vadim Jeleaskov
Business Tracker, Entrepreneur, Product Manager
Product management, creating MVP and hypothesis validation
Andrei Matcovschi
Co-Founder & CPO at Talkearn
Product management, project management, UX design, Customer development, Life coaching, HR management
Founder and CEO at Datalinie, business consulting company
Strong problem analysis and solution development skills, execution management skills
Founder at

An Entrepreneur, Business Development Expert, Certified Business Trainer

Serial Entrepreneur
Business and Product development based on innovative industry solutions
Economist at the National Bank of Moldova
Strategic Analysis & Diagnostic Foresight
Founder @CityFarm, CEO @Smartest, Brand Ambassador @Revolut
Building innovative tech startups that have a positive impact on the society
Software developer at Pentalog
Helping companies navigate complex business challenges; ability to transfer skills and knowledge to others, and thus helping them grow and improve
Product Manager at Pentalog, Pitch Trainer and Consultant for Startups
Product Management, UX Design, Process Management, Pitch Training
Co-founder at VV Billing, Business Development at Technovator, Business Tracker and Growth Coach for startups and SMBs
Marketing Strategy Analysis, Business Development and Diagnostics
Olga Rusu
Deputy-head of division, National Bank of Moldova
Risks identification and management, strategic planification & processes, leadership & management
CEO at FlowCodes
Product Development, Process automatization, Problem solver
CEO and Founder at BSD Academy
Strong business and individual awareness, and need assessment evaluation

Are you a talented tracker?

Our results

Our success cases

Through our programs 13 trackers worked/helped/tracked/led more than 40 companies and 22 startups from 5 different countries to better result for their business.









Purpose: increasing the number of startups and the interest in FinTech products in the country by supporting selected startups to access the resources and move to the next level – piloting within maib.
During 3 months 10 startups had access to an extensive business network in the financial-banking field. They also get access to potential clients and information on how corporations can support a local initiative.
Purpose: Establish a platform for the presentation and exchange of healthcare innovations, and link up startup companies with prospective investors to get development funding.
Throughout this accelerator 3 startups validated their products, using startup tracking methodology, receiving as well support and expertise of specialists, both in the IT and medical fields.
Moldova Power Accelerator aimed to support 6 startups in the fields of CleanTech, PowerTech, GreenTech, ClimateTech, and Energy.
During the program, participants learn how to boost sales through the validation of the customer segment, value proposition, sales process and financial calculations.
The main goal of the AgTech Innovation Lab was to provide companies with innovative solutions services or products for the sustainable digital transformation of agriculture in Moldova.
For 12 weeks of accelerator  12 startups benefit from practical work sessions focusing on business models, customer development, market analysis, unit economics, and pitch training.

The program was developed to contribute to economic growth by strengthening the capacities of 30+ companies in 3 batches: Agriculture, Logistics and Tourism.

During the program, companies had the chance to learn more about online promotion and the use of digital solutions and achieved unexpectedly good results from business tracking support.

Startup Academy UNI’s main purpose was to encourage and support entrepreneurship among students from 6 universities. As well apply in practice the newest technological business and ecosystem trends.

Throughout the accelerator business trackers, mentors specialized in the IT  field, business and startups guided 20 formed teams of students, in creating a business from idea to application.

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